Swiss Gold Global – #1 Safest and Most Trusted, Why?

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After couple months of researching  using this I can totally recommend it!

swiss gold global

Swiss Gold Global is The Safest and Most Trusted way to convert worthless paper (fiat currency) into GOLD, SILVER, BITCOIN and build an asset portfolio which grows in value forever..

All without ‘spending’ a single cent!

SGG has been in Gold and Silver business for last 8 years.

Following are some of the reasons Why Swiss Gold Global (SGG):

– Track record of 8 years successful business
– Excellent customer service and visionary management
– Physical Swiss Gold and Silver investment on discounted rates
– Genesis with SGG physical assets and marketing experience will be huge success
– Upcoming worldwide events providing the opportunity to Learn And Earn

Swiss Gold Global is strategic partner of Genesis Mining.

After a certain stage of success every business need more investment to grow. To generate such investment an appropriate marketing plan is needed. SGG + Genesis is perfect combination to provide the asset, capital and marketing. These two businesses compliment each other to provide the best capital and marketing strategy for our success.

Is Genesis – Mining a shareholding party of Swiss Gold Global ?

No, Genesis – Mining and associated companies have no ownership or shareholding in Swiss Gold Global. Genesis – Mining is a strategic partner specializing in providing Crypto Currency Mining Solutions. Members and or Account holders of Swiss Gold Global purchase the Crypto Currency Mining Contract at their own risk.

When Social Media is full of the noise of many other schemes and programs, take a few minutes out and let this sink in:

100% Passive Daily Payouts
100% recruitment free (for the networking shy)
100% good news for us who do this business
100% stable use of your $ 1000
100% your $ 1000 is rotting away in a bank anyway
100% Bitcoin rewards convert to GOLD by choice
100% regret if you hold on to your bias

Brief details on Swiss Gold Global (SGG) Benefits:

– There is no need to log in after you buy a mining contract which has no expiry date… (Just like Directly with Genesis)

  1. – Paid directly to your BTC wallet daily, no need to request for withdrawal… (Just like directly with Genesis)
  2. – Affiliate commission 5% of mining sales and 1% of metal sales (Only for Upgraded account)
  3. – Free account holders get 2.5% on mining sales best for team members not interested in recruiting
  4. – From my own calculations only upgrade to affiliate if you anticipate sales in excess of $18k in mining hash power in the first year.

Affiliate vs Free members:

One point usually gets missed:

If you are an Affiliate at level 0 and if you have free members at level 1, they bring free in level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… unlimited deep

YOU being the last fully paid Affiliate will still get 2.5% …. unlimited deep….
(Take this to the RevShare/HYIP folks!)

Because from the 5% mining bonus, each free member gets 2.5% only… so the other 2.5% of level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc are set aside FOR YOU!

– Support on FB Chat, Skype, Telegram and Whatsapp for SGG members, besides a community of people helping each other choose/change wallets,discuss difficulties and have solutions faster than support can offer, use better service providers on advice of other members, and keep each other informed about all aspects of Crypto/Precious Metals.

– KYC (Knowing your customer) is essential to be part of this business, simply register for free account, print KYC form, sign and date it, scan including a copy of your passport or drivers license and follow instructions listed on website to upload for verification.

Get Paid Daily To Save In Swiss Gold, Silver, Bitcoin & Altcoins…

This is a wealth club focusing on three pillars:

The Real Wealth Revolution starts with Real Knowledge, can Generates Real Income and help Create Real Wealth.

This is not a program to join, or a scheme to check out. No hype here. Just an 8 year old company that will help you in creating your legacy.

There isn’t any requirement to sponsor, have an autoship or take products to earn or take advantage of the products available.

What it will let you do is change your savings habits and start accumulating wealth.

Quick example to show you why this should be a part of your financial future:

100 years ago $20.00 dollars could be buy you and ounce of gold and that same $20.00 could buy you a fine men’s suit.

Flash forward 100 years. That same ounce of gold can buy you a fine men’s suit and the $20.00 you ask, well that $20.00 dollars can barely buy you lunch for two at a mall food court.

You owe it to yourself to learn more.

All the best and continued success.

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